new goals

My learning goals:

This semester I set a range of goals some about leadership others about reading, writing and math. Some main goals I’ve had are to read with accuracy and read the words in the text without adding in words. I think of another goal I had was too do my homework in time to hand it in I also wanted to make some new friends and play with lots of different people. So I’m ready for next year when the year six kids leave for high school.

How I went:

I think I did well reading accurately. I accomplished this by reading aloud instead of my head. I found this strategy worked very well for me but I also could have read ahead before I spoke the words on the page. I might try that in the future. I know I did well on my last goal but I didn’t go so well on handing in my homework I would like to further work on this goal in the future.


New goals:

This year I accomplished many goals and it was a great year. I had improved amazingly from grade four, in grade 6 I hope too once again hand in my homework on time I also want to be a good leader and show the grade 5s act so I could be someone they could look up to or come to for help. I want to also get ready for high school.















100 word challenge

I was sprinting through the broken wood I could here the crunch of sticks under my trainers. Bang crash! I stopped and looked closely at the trees around me someone had crashed into a tree while riding own there bike. I soon panicked as he was out cold and we were all alone. I remembered I had my iPhone so I grabbed it out of my pocket and called ambulance but my iPhone was on 2 percent it was about die. I finally finished the phone call with ambulance and in ten minutes they appeared in the wood. The guy who crushed was gone the only thing there was his bike.

A beach view

A beach view

I felt the hot sand on my feet.

A cool breeze brushed against my face.

I sought a view of crystal clear water filled with fish, turtles and dolphins.

I shared the view with my family and a smile grew on each of their faces as they became aware.

safety online

Did you know that more than 90 million people got scammed in just one year and a lot of them were aimed at younger kids on a device? E.g. look at this adorable puppy we cannot afford to feed him please purchase him and when they did they didn’t get any puppy or dog.

Ways you can avoid being scammed or tricked online is by:

Setting up privacy setting on social Medias, having firewalls in place, using nick names on apps and games instead of using full\real name.

That’s how you can stay safe online.

100 word challenge 20/3/18

One day there lived a small and adventurous girl named Britney. She lived in New York and was very happy there. One day she was strolling in the park with her mother. Her mother had to to go to the toilet and Britney was all alone. she was scared suddenly she heard a chilling scream she turned around and saw a small baby boy on top of a huge, snowy, cold mountain about four kilometres away.”how could he even get up there” said Britney. She was so scared she closed her eyes and screamed as soon as she opened her eyes she was on top of the mountain.

SRC speech

Hi i’m Adelaide and a would like to be an SRC because i’m a very good public speaker since my dads an MC, i am confident and not only show but live ROCC. ROCC stands for respect, optimism, care and collaboration which are our school values. In my eyes an SRC representative needs this values.

I also have experience having 3 other siblings. I am good at communicating and sharing idea of my own and other peoples. I want to do fundraisers like cancer kids, children’s hospital, wild life and RSVCA .

I promise to come to every meeting and on time i might not be the most organised person but SRC will help me with that. 

100 word challenge

Once upon a time there lived a small bear named Ben. He had brown soft hair, blue eyes and a nice smile. One day he was sitting on a log in the wood eating berries. Suddenly he heard a loud rumble, a sound he had never heard before… and it wasn’t his tummy!

Out of the corner of his eye he saw something moving next to his favourite berry tree. As he got closer he saw a very strange creature. It almost looked like a walking tree. It was! And it was there to invade the wood. He grabbed his berries and ran as fast as he could. He never came back to that wood again!

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